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EyeDocShoppe.com is accepted by all major eyewear insurance plans including VSP Vision Insurance as an out-of-network provider. The eyewear benefits you receive after buying eyeglasses onlin at EyeDocShoppe.com are determined by the out-of-network benefits package offered by your insurance plan.

Before you make a decision of where to buy the best prescription eyeglasses for your needs and budget, we urge you to compare your out-of-network provider benefit options to your in-network provider benefit options. We have outlined below a summary of the standard VSP Vision benefits packages available (your plan may be different, check with your plan administrator).


VSP Vision Insurance plans offer in-network and out-of-network benefits. Out-of-network benefits means that you can buy glasses, reading glasses or sunglasses from any eyewear store (like EyeDocShoppe.com), and submit the receipt to VSP for reimbursement. EyeDocShoppe.com does not accept eyewear insurance for payment; you must submit your receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement.

An example of the standard VSP out-of-network benefits you would receive if you purchased your glasses at EyeDocShoppe.com.*
Lenses $?? (single vision), or $?? (bifocal), or $?? (trifocal)
Eyeglass Frames $??, for any frame EyeDocShoppe.com prices at $120 or over
* Your reimbursement may be different. For the exact details of the out of network benefits available under your plan, you must contact your plan administrator.

In-network benefits means that you must buy glasses from VSPs list of independent doctors that also dispense eyewear. Your in-network eyewear options will be limited to the frames and lenses and pricing offered by that store. These stores increase the listed price of their eyewear so that they can discount it when they accept your VSP Vision Insurance plan. At EyeDocShoppe.com you have a vast choice of eyeglass frames, lenses, and lens options at prices that have not been inflated so that we can accept insurance plans.


VSP Vision Insurance offers two basic plans--the Signature Plan, and the Exam Plus Materials Plan (see below). Only the Signature Plan offers an out-of-network benefit. If you stay in your network, you may have a co-pay. You then may choose from the retailers stock of eyeglass frames, and if the retailers frame price is over a certain price, you pay the difference.

VSP Vision Insurance does not cover any lens options, so you should compare prices before you decide where to buy. For example, if you want scratch coating, anti-reflective treatment, and edge polishing on your lenses, EyeDocShoppe.com would charge you $36. We never charge for scratch coating or edge polishing, which we include free on all the lenses we make. Other retailers could charge as much as $110 for these options (scratch coating $15, anti-reflective $75, edge polishing $20. Prices vary, this is an example only), as well as other fees.


  EyeDocShoppe.com--You pay: Out of Network In-NetworkYou pay:
Select any Frame 65% of average retail price You get allowance up to $?? $0 for frames priced up to $120
Co-Payment   You pay $?? $0-$40
Plastic lenses 
Single vision 

You get allowance 

Lens Options 
Scratch coating 
UV coating 
A/R coating 
Progressive Lenses
Other add-ons


Not covered
Frequency Unlimited Once a year, or once every two years
* There are many variations of plan benefits, and this table is meant as a guide only. You must contact you plan administrator to determine the exact details of your plan.

VSP Vision Insurance plans have other restrictions, and your plan may vary from the standard scenario we have outlined above. For example, you are only allowed one pair of eyeglasses each year or each two years, depending on your plan, regardless of whether you break or lose your glasses. Eyeglass frames with non-prescription lenses are excluded. And you can only use your insurance at participating providers.


The VSP Exam Plus plan does not support out-of-network benefits. It gives you an overall allowance on a frame and lens package. To use this plan, you select a frame, lens, and lens options package and get a price from the VSP Vision Insurance provider store. Then you deduct the allowance from that price. Then, you compare your out-of-pocket cost for that package to a similar offering from EyeDocShoppe.com. Because eyewear stores increase their prices so that they can then accept VSP Vision insurance plans, most of the time you will find that EyeDocShoppe.com offers a similar package at a lower price, a better package at a similar price, and more choice in any case.

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